Foreign channels destroying our indian culture

They use coding languages too. Now, people want to copy their favourite stars, and in the very beginning, they enter the drastic world of smoking and drinking. No there is no solution for it.

Few of the programs which Indian television imported from foreign like big boss are only weird showcase of family values and they have no moral and social obligation.

When it is coming before to us if we will be there we will be die. Now with new DTH technology User can subscribe the channels as per his wish.

Sep 21, Guys you people done well. But, the purity of India is its culture like obeying our elders, respecting senior citizen, knowing about the wrong and right thing from our inner soul which at times tells us not to do the thing which it feels incorrect or wrong is somewhat easily affected by that great western culture TV channels.

Foreign Television Channels are destroying our culture Favour We have a rich and diverse culture. I often watch these channels and I improve myself in language - 2. Say for instance discovery, NGC, History channels etc are showing many good documentaries, have the quality of info regarding science, history, business, innovative ideas etc.

Why not they show some strong women who fights with boys. Jul 21, I completely disagree with that foreign TV is destroying over. So, in a Nutshell I just want to tell you that banning anything is not going to change anything, unless we change ourselves.

In my view foreign TV channels are not destroying our culture but it improve our knowledge on the various factors. At-least we get some sensible to watch on those channels. Each individual is responsible for his or her success or failure. Friends I would like to say one more thing with an example.

There is no dearth of examples set in Indian mythologies showing violence, incest, demoralization immensely we hardly count them.

But It depends on a person how does he assume and react. Because remember, TV is not the only medium it is one of the mediums. If u looks at it in wrong manner, it is against and vice versa.

Foreign Television Channels are Destroying Our Culture

Just put a glance over Linga puja thriving in India where as no other country barely think of pampering such bad practices going on in massive scale as religious beliefs.

Though it has bad effects but it is totally depends on us what to see and what not to see. Absolutely you are, because this is the reality.

So he asked to his teacher to give him one more chance. And we all know that these channels are of foreign culture only.


It's not correct to make foreign channels as a wrong issue. And those shittiest TV serials emphasize on frail characters as a good and ideal one who can do nothing but futile moaning and weeping with petty sentiments. What really matters is what you are from inside. Let me ask you a question.

No buddy can destroy our culture without our support. Indian culture is way stronger than any TS show so no need to warry about it. With foreign TV show, we can keep our. hi i am vinamra. acc to me. In case of our Indian culture it is true that it does not give us much freedom to enjoy the content of all foreign channels.

Channels like discovery, national geography and so many foreign sports channel are really expand our knowledge. I think we should acknowledge these channels.

So many foreign cartoon channel are entertaining the childrens of our country in huge amount. Foreign Tv Channels Are Destroying Our Culture A LESSON PLAN ON IMPACT OF SATELLITE TV ON OUR CULTURE PRESENTED BY CAPT ASIF ROSTER NO – 40 OBC (AMC) Indian movies and Indian dramas are great source for the promotion of Indian culture.

Indian movies are doing the same thing with Pakistani nation. In short, in a weird way Foreign TV shows and channels REINFORCE Indian Culture. Our TV shows have sadly become a joke.

Talking about sex, depicting homosexuality, abortion or even premarital live in relationships is a taboo. Nobody can destroy our culture without our permission. As world is becoming a global village, we must be ready to embrace all other cultures and have a knowledge about it.

By having foreign TV channels, we can able to know about world shows and can participate in them.

Foreign channels destroying our indian culture
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Why Indian tv channels destroying our culture than foreign