Creating cultural synergy

Thus, interesting new ways to transform problems and frustrations into solutions and innovations were revealed and deserve further research. Culture may be defined as the sum of all conventional actions, mind-sets, mentalities and beliefs shared by a group of people or a nation.

If an ingredient of the cake was unavailable — knowing the purpose of that ingredient might help a knowledgeable cook substitute an alternative. Two offices, both dealing with public family law, participated in the study.

Book Review: Synergy, Empowerment, and Healing: Insights from Cultural Diversity

The focus groups had the character of discussion rather than interview sessions. Ever since the company was formed ina number of leaders have served in the capacity of managing directors and even chief executive officers who have all strived to ensuring that the organization always moves forward for better of business dictates.

Based on these four collective mind-set categories, patterns of main topics were identified that formed and transformed cultural synergy processes within the organization. Synergy exists as the pair merges talents to create a final piece. Information overload is one that comes readily to mind.

Goals will also create challenge. It is a frequently misunderstood and misused word. Flaming wars destructive heated electronic arguments is another.

It is important to note that to make knowledge productive you need information. In order to test our assumption that organizational mergers pose a threat to cultural synergy, we considered whether it was office cultures or organizational backgrounds that mainly guided the cultural synergy patterns identified.

It is an active element of the organization and its practices. Inalong with our then 1 year old daughter we travelled through all of Ireland and into Scotland the UK. Recognizing both similarities and differences is important in creating cultural synergy.

When less people try to lead and actually be good followers, willing to be led and listen to and cooperate with others, the task at hand can be completed much more efficiently and effectively. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. We made calculation of chi-square. Theoretische Grundlagen interkultureller Kommunikation und Kooperation.

Indeed, we suggest that organizational merger processes are cultural crisis events threatening potential harm to organizational and employee wellbeing. One office was located within the main organization of the State Administration and functioned as head office within the family law unit.

Since resources are spent on conflicts and frustrations instead of solutions and innovation, they bear risks for organizational performance.

If I share a product idea or a way of doing things with another person — then just the act of putting my idea into words or writing will help me shape and improve that idea. Fourth, each participant was informed both verbally and in writing about the study and the related ethical issues before they agreed to participate.

Imagine being able to print anything you imagine. Focus group methodology is not valid for all research purposes. Example sentences with "cultural synergy", translation memory.

Creating Value Through Mergers and Acquisitions

SingCat; a project focused on creating cultural synergies between Singapore and Catalonia, with the intention of exploring the visual arts of these different cultures using workshops, conferences and synergy. This article addresses four major challenges for efforts to create synergy between the global mental health movement and cultural psychiatry.

First, although they appear to share domains of mutual interest, the worlds of global mental health and cultural psychiatry have distinct Step 3: increase cultural creativity: require both parties -Create culturally synergistic alternatives -Select an alternative.

Step 4: create cultural synergy - Implement the chosen synergistic solution: let employees know why this solution was chosen and showing people. · Sophisticated acquirers take stock of possible cultural clashes as part of their due diligence well in advance of a merger or acquisition, and they prioritize those cultural issues that might put synergy Study 15 Chapter 4: Creating Cultural Synergy flashcards on StudyBlue.

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Creating cultural synergy
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Challenges of creating synergy between global mental health and cultural psychiatry.