An analysis of the article cultural relativism and cultural values by melville herkovits

However, if I were raised in an eastern, Hindu, culture these dietary practices would be considered wrong. Discovering Right and Wrong, Louis P. Multiculturalism itself clearly identifies that people are often situated within multiple cultures at once.

The resolution to the relativism problem might be within the reach if we reverse the way we ask questions. Even though the origin of the term is not agreed upon, the literature seems to agree that the idea, method, and principle of cultural relativism were developed by the anthropologist Franz Boas and his students, mainly by Melville Herskovits and Alfred Kroeber.

Otherwise, cultural relativism is doing the very thing it is trying to stop which is the judgment of other cultures. Although literature is not clear on where the term first originated, the origin is most often attributed to one of the founders of the discipline of sociology, William Graham Sumner —who is also credited with originating concepts of ethnocentrism and folkways Shone Ethnomusicological relativism may seem admirably even Is it time to relegate the concept to the moldy storerooms of our venerable museums.

Salient Formulations Alison Dundes Renteln maintains correctly that cultural relativism is not an entirely new doctrine as the Greeks, most specifically Herodotus, recognized the importance of understanding cultural differences between societies in light of regnant assumptions that one's own values are superior Therefore, the people who are avid viewers believe this and if it is their desire, they will fit their values accordingly to what is advertised by reality TV.

For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here. Cultures are often enveloped in dialectics, contradictions that can and often do produce resolutions.

Salient Formulations

One of the examples he uses is the practice of polygamy in a family of a West African culture, Dahomey. Related Links and Resources.

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Nationalism, racism, and exoticism in French thought. These however are religious practices and not moral concepts. They played important roles in movies or shows simply because they had talent. In my review I will critique the three-absolutist ideas made For my part, history of human being is like a treasury which people could recourse to in all ages.

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The three articles that follow address this question from a number of perspectives, exploring the notion of relativism in light of critiques by philosophers e. Anthropologists have used the phrase to denote a variety of ideas, not all of which sit comfortably together.

Inhe founded the first interdisciplinary program at Northwestern University in African studies, and later formed the African Studies Association. These four generations interacting in the workforce are: For an example, in the reality TV show, "Keeping up with the Kardashains", we see their lavish lifestyle and their normal days consisting of getting their make-up and hair done, photo shoots, and buying the most trendiest and expensive clothing.

Not only does reality TV reflect some values of the American mainstream culture, but it also can define values of the society. Feinberg argues that culture is not a homogenous and easily rounded concept. As we can see, the two cultures have the same underlying moral principles, they simply differ on their beliefs.

In utilitarianism right and wrong is based on what will give the greatest amount of pleasure and the least amount of pain based on the situation.

Now cultural relativism is criticized as doing precisely the opposite: Cultural relativism needs to be reformulated to account for populations on the move, the refiguration of cultural assumptions across borders, and cultural practices as well as the contesting of culture that plays out dialectically in defined social spaces with porous boundaries.

Hence, I partly agree with the statement. In his article "Cultural relativism and cultural values", Melville Herkovits defines the principle of cultural relativism as "judgments are based on experience, and experience is interpreted by each individual in terms of his own enculturation" (26).

/5(13). Recently, cultural relativism has become a straw man term, defined pejoratively as the strongest form of moral relativism; namely, that we cannot make any kind of moral judgments at all regarding foreign cultural practices.

This collection of articles arose from a conversation between Thomas Johnson and a student who had been assigned to read Rachels's well-known [End Page ] article on cultural relativism for a philosophy class. The student was aware of relativism's importance to anthropology and brought the article to Johnson's attention.

Cultural relativism might be easier in theory than in practice. Take the case of Melville Herskovits, a Jewish-American anthropologist of Slovak extraction who broke new ground in the definition.

Of all published articles, the following were the most read within the past 12 months. While the emphasis on ethical relativism as descriptive is the "factual" association of values with particular cultures, ethical relativism as prescriptive asserts that we cannot determine which values across cultures are superior because all values are relative to particular cultures.

An analysis of the article cultural relativism and cultural values by melville herkovits
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